Sunday, 18 March 2018

Snow stops play! So cattle instead!

Yes you did read that correctly. The snow is not so bad and we should be putting a game on at a show today. However we are not, nor are we having a club day either. Although the snow is not too bad the Ice is pretty bad. bad enough to have a local weather advisory saying we should only travel if it is nessercary.

So instead here are some "Warbases" Highland cattle. they are 28mm and come in a pack (of 3, those shown) for £4 which I think is quite reasonable for what you get. And if/when I need more I shall be happy to get some at that price.  The horns come separate so need to be attached but they go together very easily. Painting is equally easy. And as a consequence they group are easily finished in a day, including bases.

Over all a very quick and easy addition to the model collection and while they will not be in many games I am sure they will make a table appearance soon enough.

That's it for today. Not sure what next, either ECW or Vikings most likely. So until then take care paint if you can and roll some dice if you get the opportunity.

All the best Clint

Friday, 16 March 2018

Longships 1 (blue and orange)

Yes I have finally grasped the nettle and started my "Longships" force. Let me start by saying Longships is a se of rules by Peter Pig. Not the best set of rules but I have honestly played a LOT worse. Each force has to be 5 units (plus Skirmishers) and cannot be more than 400 points so you never need to paint far to many megalomaniac armies!

Each unit needs a leader @20 points x 5=100 points) each unit needs at least 3 Unarmoured stands.3x8 = 24 points (x5) totals 120.) So far you have spent 220 points out of the 400.  Therefore there are not so many choices.

On with the painted figures. These all come from my 40 year old Viking army so they are old figures. As such some will be saying I remember while others will be scratching their heads and saying "I have never seen... " Most of these figures are by TTG (Tabletop Games) at least 2 are Minifigs and one is Two Dragons. For those that really want to know.

I have painted them up with Blue and Orange shields so I can easily identify the units (and not historically accuracy). So a game convention and not one with any provenance!

Not the very best painted figures, but they will do for a game so further detail was not needed.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking and more again soon.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Epiphany (well sort of)

Ok that might be over doing it. (and It may be spelt wrong) but you get the idea. The figures are 20mm SHQ purchased at the recent Cavalier show (on Impulse). Personally I like 20mm figures and I like SHQ Miniatures and I like Cold war wargaming. Thus for me it is a shame they will possibly never get used.

I know the kind of wargame I want and have never found the correct rules. You can imagine what I wanted looking at the pic on the left. I have even looked into making and casting the "Iron Cow" Yes Bryan I know if I ever do you want one in 28mm scale. I know this. But I would be working in 20mm IF I ever did it, or maybe in 15mm depending on the other manufacturers and what they make to fit in as opposition. But my plan has always been 20mm.

Anyway that will have to wait. Probably till I die and someone else does it! So hold your breathe if you want but I would not advise it!

OKAY so why the Epiphany? Well while looking for some suitable "The Zone" rules I can across "Black Opps" by Osprey. Now I will admit they would be kind of suitable, but they would need a few tweaks to get the flavour right. What they would suit is Vietnam. Now the Vietnam conflict is just my thing and I have 2 forces ready to go. In fact they are itching to get going and have been for a LONG while. In a weeks time I do have a Veitnam game (Peter Pig rules) at a show. Personally I do not like these rules as I feel they are more about the game than the conflict. Yes I have looked at SEVERAL other sets of rules Including (but not limited to) FNG, Buckle for your dust, Body Count, Force on Force, Skirmish Sangin, Specte and even Flames of War. None of them quite give what I am after. FNG is closest but I do not like the mechanics as they come across as unwieldy. However "Black Opps" is the right scale (about a squad) easy to explain and use and should I hope, give a good Vietnam game. So that is my plan at this stage.

Thanks for reading my babble. next time some Vikings. (I hope)

Thursday, 8 March 2018

German Heavy Infantry

Of course the German heavy infantry is robotic, efficient and uncaring. That goes without saying. (It is not true of the German people I have met! at least no more true than the English in my opinion). They are of course Ironclad Miniatures (LINK) and they could be any nationality of robot but for my force they just happen to be German. There is no badge or insignia so feel free to use them as any nation that you wish!

They are armed with a variety of unknown weapons. I have taken 2 to be burners as Robots tend not to suffer from burns and heat quite as much as a human. ! weapon is a rifle, No reason why they cannot use human weapons. The last weapon is big and chunky and is well I do not know what. But it should count as a heavy weapon and do a shed load of damage.

The last Pic shows the whole German force together for IHMN. It shows an armoured vehicle the Heavy Infantry and the normal (Human ) troops. And that should (I hope) be enough for the Germans in Her majesties Name force. And should give the Royal Navy plenty to get tier teeth into.

So now I have 2 forces for the game I need to start playing and get them on the table.

Next time something historical. I PROMISE.

Until then all the best chin up and paint away as well as your brush will let you.

All the best Clint

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Saxon raid on Ireland

Saxons Raiding
and starting on the right
Matt played the Irish. he like playing the Irish in "Longships" and this time did not say Potato even once (that I heard), he said it a lot last time, it was his victory chant! Graham and me split the SaxonsLike wise as far as I recall we did not say "Sheep!" or "Wool" or even mead.

Saxon Skirmishers and
a Saxon unit
WE started with 4 Units the irish
started with 1.
I am afraid the game does not look very exciting at all. Graham is a lovely bloke but has less interest in how things look and more in how they work. Each to there own of course and that comment is not meant as a criticism at all.

When you fight the Irish in "Longships" they will have more skirmishers than you. You just have to accept that from the very beginning it's just a fact of life. They will also have on the whole LESS armour and larger units no matter which force you take.

First we had to find his army.
It kept moving
until we could eventually
3rd attempt pin him to a location.

When Matt settled on a location.
It was no surprise he was next
to a steep and rough Hill
Which I would have to fight my way up!

matts second Unit arrived very swiftly
In the town and bogged Grahames troops down
in a street to street house to house fight.

Rather than a frontal assault on the hill I went
to the side and attacked.
The Irish rolled remarkably well.

My Saxon unit was pretty much spent
And Matt was able to hold the hill.
Until very near the end and
I was able to send more troops
which both supported Grahames flank and the battle on the hill.

As the game ended. Both of matts units
fled the table.
But he had managed to Just bring 2 fresh units from
towns close by . It was anyone's game.
Matt looked physically the worse for wear,
Somewhat drained and weary.

Victory points were added up. And despite the Saxons plundering a "Gift From GOD!" the final points tally was close. In the end it was a narrow Victory to Matt. he beat us by 11 Victory points. Which considering most games have about 30 points difference was quite close.

Congratulations Matt a worthy winner.

Despite loosing I still like the rules and am indeed trying to balance a force of my own. The problem being the want for heavily armoured troops against the need to keep the points down.

I shall try to get a good fighting force though and will show them as I go on this blog.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Wargames Club Gifts.

One of the great things about my club, and not every club is like this, is that if a member has more than he needs he gives it to another member. This week for example I gave Matt a figure (right) and a set of rules I had a spare copy of. (Thanks to Jon Rogers who very kindly gave the spare set to me). I only had his thanks which is actually worth more than I can say. Likewise Tim knew I wanted some 20mm tank turrets. (Dieselpunk project maybe something to show by weekend, don't know yet.) and he likewise gave me 3 resin Tank turrets. He claims they were miss cast, and the hulls might be but the turrets are fine. And I am likewise very grateful.

Now about this figure.... Yes it is a 28mm "Belt Fed" Girl from Col Bill. Firstly let me say It was an absolute joy to paint and I may well get one for myself! As a gift it was not expected and I am sure Matt was delighted. It should fit in with his VBCW 28mm figures quite well. After all (Repeat after me) "You can never have enough Lewis Guns!". I gave her a blue skirt so she could be a member of the Anglican league! matt did say that her state of undress would not make her suitable! feel free to disagree.
I did take a pic of her from the back but the pic was out of focus and if you have seen 1 cream coat you have seen them all. The figure (unpainted) retails for £3 and to my mind is one of the better of the sculpts but most are quite good IF they are of the right period for you.
3 20mm Turrets
There is a battle report coming but being honest it is not very visual so I may leave it out. I will just have to wait and see what else I get done this week.

So until next time take care have fun and paint figures. All the best Clint

Post Script: I forgot to mention I was also given a few LotR figures, they are still in my bag. Thanks Tim

Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Germans are started.

At the Selwg show (last year) I was lucky enough to pick up these. They are By Ironclad Miniatures ( Link ) part of their Victorian science fiction range. I originally got them for "In her Majesties Name" and that is at this stage what I hope to use them for.

There are 2 packs here, the leaders and the men. So a rather affordable group of characters. Originally having talked to the owner they were going to be armed with Maces to give them a more "Tutonic" feel and personally I think I would have preferred that. Not that I am at all disappointed with the swords/knifes, but Maces would have bee just a little different.

That's todays very brief update. More again soon, as I already have 2 posts ready to go. And hope to have a third one before the day is out.

That is it as the thaw begins. All the best Clint

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Foot (started for ECW)

Yes only a start do not get excited there are only 4. Not that I will be doing many. The Absolute most I could have in "En Garde" is 18. And then they would be the least able and most lightly armed. The very cheapest troop is 4 points (and is shall we say "a Reluctant" soldier at best with no real skills) To give them either a pike or a matchlock (Arquibus makes no difference in the game) is another 3 points. So 7 points for the cheapest of the cheap. Which means for 100 points 18 troops likely to run for the hills at the first opportunity. So as I said I will not need many.

I do hasten to say I have already started some more. Another 2 with guns. I was going to do another 2 with pike as well but for now I have lost a pike.

They are on 25mm slotta bases just to keep them all the same, Clearly the pikes do not fit on the bases but they are stable enough to play with and do not fall over (Famous last words). That being the case I shall continue with this as the base system.

I have only purchased a single sprue at present but may get more in the future as to be honest I am enjoying them. So who knows I may et more, but at this stage I do not plan to.

The last pic did not really come out in focus but hard luck it is too cold to take it again I the snow. And it still gives an idea.

The basic uniform colour is green with cream cuffs. I have no idea if this is a specific uniform but I do know it is generic enough to be on either side. And I did want them generic so they could fight on either side. because that is the kind of guy I am firmly perched on the fence and happy to be there.

That's it for today as it continues to snow and is generally unpleasant weather wise. All the best and take care


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Cavalier Games 2018

Due to LAG and the puter playing silly what nots I was unable to post this yesterday. But tody (Tuesday) try again. As always the games are a mixed bag. Some being show games through and trough while others are club games. Personally I like normal club games as I wonder after the show (or series of shows) is any of it ever used again. Which is both sad and a waste.
Tonbridge Wargames Club - Battle of Segesvar 1849 (10mm)

North London Wargames Group
15mm Crug Mawr 1136

Crawley Wargames Club
The Siege of Girona 1796 
And I agree a very nice "Fort"

Gravesend Gamers Guild
WW2 tank battle
Clearly a club game and no worse for that

6mm (or 1/300th)Siege of Malta
Southend wargames club.
Firstly love the cloth, taken from
a modern airiel photo and altered
with all the modern buildings taken out.

28mm Zombie game byHailsham Wargames Club 
I still like a good zombie game but fear
they are getting a little rare these days 
Society of Ancients
(No not my school reunion)
To be honest they look good but I tend to loose interest
as one game the SOA puts on looks like the next
Still if they enjoy them that's good enough
28mm Mexican Revolution I think
The reason I "Think" is that the club put on a nice game
but no info at all was on display.

Deal Wargames. 1937 China
Battle of Yangmigbao 1937
As above, but you so rarely see Japanese Armoured
cars it is worth a separate photo.
Al 20mm I think

The Lights were on but no one was home.
28mm ww2 Tanks I think.
Clearly a club game and no worse for that
just not as visual as some
of the others
Maidstone wargames society
28mm ww1 ZeeBrugge raid
Yes it looks very nice and will do several shows, but after that what will happen to it?
I have no idea but I do not see it being used very much
Despite my reservations I still think it was best looking
game of the show and it will be a waste if never used again after this year

10th century Chinese naval game
by Friday Night Firefight Club
All the ships were hand made and it looks great
a Very different game in 28mm

 Well that is a round up of the games. (1 game missing). Quite a variety and some games if you do not see them this year you will ever see again. But maybe seeing them once is enough to give inspiration. That is up to each individual to decide.

Thanks for looking. Probably ECW figs tomorrow as I try to catch up.

All the best Clint in snowy Kent




Sunday, 25 February 2018

Cavalier swag!

Show report probly tomorrow.

Internet has been down here so I missed a few posts but I have not been Idle so posts will come soon.

However until they do ... Just got back from the Cavalier show so I thought to share the loot/swag haul.  Here it is.

left to right top to bottom.

2 28mm Panserschrek teams for WW2 Germans got Chain of command.

6 Lewis Guns. These will be for conversions for my diesel punk project. Which I HOPE to START this week.

2 packs of Anstiy castings (Tea chests and stacks of boxes.) generally useful but also I do have a specific plan for them.

4 28mm Victorian Science Fiction Robots. (Ironclad Miniatures) Wait and see!

2 20mm SHQ Modern British gulf war soldiers. To paint as BAOR troops part impulse buy and part I want to do some "Cold War"

1 pack of plastic slotta bases because I am running out.

1 pack of German Aeronef Digs.

2 rule sets (Gift from friend so no cost) "Triumph and Tragedy for BoB. I already have the rules so either for Matt or another at the club.
and the Spanish Civil war supplement, which I was not expecting and now I am thinking of starting SCW in another scale!

4 Pots of Paint. I always need more paint since I found that the world stops spinning if I do not buy paint regularly! (No it does truly it does and if I wash my hair in it I will never go bald..... one of these comments may not be true, but why risk it?)

1 other secret thing I hope to get painted as a gift, But if I tell you it will not be a secret so I may just have to stick with the paint shampoo!

That's it for today. I will try to get a show game report done tomorrow

All the best folks.